What is VoIP?

Jul 16, 2021 | Blog

What is VoIP?

Jul 16, 2021 | Blog

Telecommunications and technology are changing fast. Traditional analog lines and on-premise systems have limited features and require costly maintenance that continues to hold companies back as technology improves. Switching to VoIP is filled with built-in savings and flexibility that benefit almost anyone and any business.

So, what is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Simply put, it’s a cloud-based phone system that’s delivered through the cloud, rather than old copper phone lines. Those phone lines are currently being phased out by many telecom carriers due to their lack of redundancy and high monthly cost. 

Fortunately, cloud-based VoIP systems are fully redundant, which means troubleshooting issues won’t cause business downtime. System software and platforms are also maintained for you so that your business benefits from new technology updates as it rolls out – including feature enhancements often at no extra cost. 

The best part about cloud-based VoIP is that it allows you to make HD voice calls from anywhere – through a computer, a VoIP phone, and even your smartphone. Voice, data, and video include no additional fees and don’t require any special equipment. All you need is an internet connection. 

Why is VoIP better than traditional phone systems?

Cost Savings:

  1. VoIP pricing is a consistent monthly per-user fee, rather than by minutes, so you will always know what to expect on your invoice. 
  2. This low reoccurring cost allows you to move to an Opex-based model where you can gain tax benefits on your deductions. 
  3. $0 set up fees. No expensive equipment or specialized technicians required to install. 
  4. Lower international fees and lower toll-free charges mean even more savings.  
  5. CCSi offers free call routing and changes to your phone system’s configuration to help your savings go even further.

Ease of Use:

VoIP allows you to make changes yourself with an easy-to-use admin portal. Reconfigurations and routing adjustments are made in real-time with no business impact at no extra charge.


Add or remove phone lines within minutes. VoIP is not limited by hardware and can be scaled up or down as employees and business size fluctuates. CCSi VoIP allows for automatic scaling of lines (i.e SIP trunks), so you’ll never get that annoying “lines are busy” message when you try to dial out.

Remote Connectivity:

VoIP works anywhere, on any device! (As long as you have an internet or data connection). Interactions with customers improve when you are available to answer crucial phone calls. With VoIP, you’ll stay ahead of mobile workforce trends and enable remote workers even when they are outside the office. 

Advanced Features:

In addition to matching traditional calling features, VoIP includes advanced capabilities at the same low monthly cost that in many cases are not available with on-premise systems.

Custom Integrations:

CCSi VoIP delivers a full unified communication system, integrated and customized to your unique business so that you can reach peak productivity. VoIP is IP-based, which means that it integrates with other IP devices on your network such as, paging systems, door access controls, CRM, LDAP, Microsoft Teams, SMS and MMS integration, and more.

Is it easy to switch to VoIP? 

Yes! There’s no business disruption when switching your phone system to VoIP, and it only takes a few hours. We don’t even have to step foot in your office! This is a massive upside when comparing to traditional phone systems that require weeks of planning to swap out and configure. There is no longer a need to send technicians and coordinate with carriers for programming. Each user can set up their own speed dial buttons and extension shortcuts, redirect calls to their mobile phone, change their ringtones, and more – all directly through their desktop, tablet, or cell phone. Once set up, any system changes in call routes can be made via console by a local IT admin or by CCSi at no extra charge. 


CCSi VoIP provides a flexible, cloud-based, fully geo-redundant phone system for businesses across North America. The system architecture leverages the strength of Amazon AWS data centers providing 99.999% uptime. CCSi is registered with the FCC and complies with all telecom requirements including supporting E911, ERL, Karis Law, Rau Baum’s Act, and STIR/SHAKEN anti-spam protocol. With memberships in NANPA and NENA, CCSi ensures it’s service stays current with NG911 (Next Generation 911). 

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