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Below is a list of our most commonly requested features, with premium add-ons available. 

Phone System Basics

All the features you expect. At no extra cost.  

HD Calling

Eliminates background noise and provides a clear, natural sound. 

Dial-by-name directory

A professional directory so that callers can easily find who they’re trying to reach.   

Caller ID

With the Caller ID feature, you’ll always know who’s calling before you answer the phone.  

Caller ID Block

Temporarily block your number from being displayed. 

Call Return

Useful for when someone calls you and the line is busy. The system monitors when your line becomes available and will ring their phone which will dial out to you at that time.  

Call Waiting

This prevents blocked lines and allows calls to come through even when you’re on the phone.

Last Number Redial

Press a button to call back the last person that called and avoid dialing the full number. 

Speed Dial

Program buttons to quickly dial regular contacts (amount of numbers varies per phone).  

Do Not Disturb

Shut out distractions and hit the DND button on your phone to silence calls and automatically direct callers to voicemail.    


Listen to your voicemail through your desk phone, visual voicemail, or sent to your email.    

Voicemail to Email with Transcription

Get notified through email when you have a new voicemail. Audio is attached to the email message, while the voicemail is transcribed in the body of the email.

Fax to Email

Convert faxes to email and easily maintain digital records.

Call Management/Call Routing

Enhance the customer experience while simplifying admin management.

Unlimited Extensions

Easily scale as your business grows. 

Call Screening

Send calls directly to voicemail, block numbers, or choose to receive calls only from specific numbers. 

Spam Filter

Callers will get a message saying that their number has been blocked. They are directed to a voicemail where they have an opportunity to leave a message if the call is valid.   

Click to Dial

Make phone calls with a single click using online applications, web browsers, and Outlook.

International Call Filters

Set up an access code to prevent certain users from making international calls. 

Scheduled Call Routing

Customize call routing based on time of day, after hours, holidays, and custom settings.

Enhanced Music on Hold

Add custom music or messaging while callers wait on hold.

Multiple Ring Groups

Ring multiple phones when a single number or extension is dialed to ensure callers can reach a live person.  

Multiple Auto Attendants

Create a message to route incoming calls to the correct extension or department.   

Follow Me Service

Make all phone numbers ring in specified order within a single call. The caller dials one number while the system moves through a programmed ordering. When one is unreachable, it moves on to the next phone without dropping the caller.

Automatic After-Hours

Automatically direct callers to your after-hours auto-attendant based on when the office closes. You can also manually invoke the after-hours if the closing time is inconsistent.  

Callback Feature

Waiting in line to have your call answered? Now you can save your spot in line, hang up and receive a call back when it’s your turn.



Empower employees. Collaborate from anywhere.

Simultaneous Ring

Ring several phones at once, such as both office and cell phone at the same time.  


Page speaker locations from your desk phone or cell phone to any office.

Conference Calling

Conduct a conference call from your desk phone or cell phone.

Conference Bridges

Schedule conference calls to connect up to as many lines as you currently have. 

Mobile Apps

Apps that users can download to iOS or Android phones to use as office extensions (ex. Zoiper, Grandstream, Brea). Microsoft Teams integration available for a low fee. 

Call Recording

Record your calls from your phone or cell phone – subject to state and country regulations regarding disclosure. 

Premium Services

Sign up for additional features for your system.

CRM Integration

Links callers with your CRM database and allows you to receive notifications. Features differ based on CRM systems.

Microsoft Teams + CCSi VoIP

Adds a dialer and integrates your phone extension to Microsoft Teams without changing the user experience. Use the app you already know and love to make your calls from any device.

Phone Assist

Browser-based switchboard panel. Common for receptionists or even regular users. Determine when anyone in your organization is on the phone, send chats, open and forward emails, receive caller popups, and more.

Professional Voice Recordings

Customize your auto attendant greetings with professional voice-overs. Professional studio voice recordings are available to meet any business need.

User Portal

Similar to Phone Assist but more common for users. Listen, delete, and forward your voicemail messages. Activate follow me, send/receive faxes, chat and more!


Your voicemails will be displayed in text form and sent to your email so that you can read them on the go rather than being forced to listen to them. (Original voicemail recording attached as audio file in the same email)

Enhanced ALI/Emergency Response Location (ERL)

Emergency services with a precise location (eg – desk or office room) rather than just a building address. 

Call Center Solutions

A variety of features focused on the needs of call centers. Examples include automatic call distribution, call-queuing, call-routing based on skill set, call taker stats for performance tracking, and more.

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