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Network Attached Storage

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) server is the most cost-effective on-site solution for businesses that don’t have demanding data backup needs. Your critical information is automatically backed up based on the schedule you establish – multiple times per day, week, month, etc.  That way your data will be quickly restored if ever compromised.

On-Site Storage Vault

An on-site vault is advantageous for large data volumes and mapped as a network drive to minimize system performance impacts. This is beneficial if multiple backups are required per day.  

The vault configuration allows you to migrate old tape backups to save you time, money and prevent errors. All these backups can be automated, providing you peace of mind knowing your data is replicated securely, based on your schedule. 

 Available NAS Products: 

  • Dell PowerVault Nx family of NAS servers 
  • HP StoreEasy family of NAS servers 
  • Asustor NAS 
  • WDSentinel NAS 
  • RAID configurations with hot-swappable drives
  • And more! 

Cloud Backup

Backing up your data to the cloud is also equally important. What if there’s a fire, or someone simply pulls the alarm and activates the sprinklers? All of your drives are now damaged. The cloud could be the only backup that saves your business. 

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