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Data Solutions

Data network consultation and design services for businesses

Expand services, increase security, or integrate voice and data services using the same network backbone. We have solutions for unique needs.

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Data Solutions

CCSi provides data network consultation and design services to businesses looking to expand services, increase security or integrate voice and data services using the same network backbone.

As your business grows it requires more bandwidth and better network connectivity to support more complex applications and user demands. Companies are increasingly realizing the need for enhanced data network capabilities to better manage assets, understanding the relationships of those assets and assessing and managing the explosive data growth. This has subsequently lead to implementing tiered storage strategies and disaster recovery plans that is vital in today’s world. All of this translates to finding the right partner to help your business grow,

As your trusted partner in data solutions, CCSi has the data networking, broadband and voice services that allows you to focus on growing your business well into the future.

Whether your business has one location or multiple locations, we have the solutions to fit your business needs at an affordable price and 24/7 customer service.

Our Suite of Data Solutions Include:

  • Network consulting services.
  • Network integration and implementation services.
  • LAN design and support.
  • WAN design, implementation and support. 
  • WLAN design, implementation and support.
  • Disaster recovery planning and services.
  • Wireless data network design, implementation and support.
  • Multi-site data networking.
  • Unified Communications integration.
  • VoIP VLAN.
  • Network accessible storage.

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The smart business choice for all your data and telecom needs.

CCSi Communications provides voice, data, managed IT, and cloud solutions to both SMB and enterprise businesses across North America and the EU. We design custom solutions made for your unique business at a price that fits your budget. Headquartered in the Chicago, IL area since 1981, CCSi is your trusted partner. We take the time to understand your business and provide cost-effective solutions for your continued growth.