Custom integration services tailored to improve business efficiency and productivity.

Integrating your IT systems, technology and software to fit your individual business needs will streamline operations in ways that deliver benefits for years to come.
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Custom Integration Services

We work with you to integrate solutions and simplify your operations in creative ways that align with your business, and enhance your capabilities. Our wealth of experience and resources allows us to provide consultative services that are tailored to your needs, at a fraction of the cost. By defining and understanding your requirements. CCSi VoIP and other solutions can be integrated with a large portfolio of products to offer your business a system that is uniquely yours.

CCSi Communications has expertise in designing and implementing projects for business covering network systems, telecom networks (VoIP, analog and digital) , surveillance and audio/visual conferencing, paging, CRM and more. Having implemented systems across the US and Canada along with staff experience in multimillion dollar projects, there’s no project too big or too small.

Standard project management methodologies are used; capturing/documenting requirements, mapping out the design, documenting the project schedule and implementation plan, while keeping your inoformed every step of the way. Projects are closely monitored with weekly progress reports and conference calls to make sure all stakeholders are aware of critical path items and mitigation strategies to achieve a successful implementation.

Custom integration solutions include:

Hybrid Phone Systems

Hybrid phone systems integrating CCSi VoIP with an on-premise phone system to provide migration to the cloud for regional offices.

Remote Door Access

Remotely access office doors from mobile phones, desk phones, and PCs.

Call Reporting

Call center management with full reporting on how customer service representatives are managing calls.

Automatic Switchovers

Redundant broadband services with automatic switchovers.

Virtual Desktops

Virtualized desktops with active directory for mobile workers.

Customized Conferencing Solutions

Customized audio/video conferencing solutions linked to other regional offices.

Web-Based LDAP

Web-based directory services using LDAP provide instant updates to your company directory.

Point-to-Point Broadband

Point-to-point broadband services for voice and data; saving clients thousands of dollars per year.

Emergency Notifications

Emergency notifications to first responders by phone, paging, and SMS with announcements.

Wireless Customizations

Wireless desk phone connectivity for non-wired offices.


CRM integration with CCSi VoIP.

And more!

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