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Keep your data secure with cloud backup solutions powered by Amazon.

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CCSi has partnered with Amazon’s AWS platform to provide secure offsite cloud data backup solutions. With data centers across the USA, Europe and Asia, clients can decide for themselves where they want their data stored. Amazon has invested millions to fully encrypt and securely transmit all data backups confidentially to these servers. The most secure AES 256 bit encryption is used – the same encryption the banks use.

Offsite cloud data backups take place securely during the day, which won’t affect access to underlying files.  Should a major disaster occur, your files can be quickly restored from Amazon’s servers to get your business back up in no time.

If your business is looking for additional redundancy, CCSi can replicate your offsite data to other Amazon data center locations. For archival purposes, historical files can be transferred to a less expensive long term storage option.

CCSi’s data backup solutions provides for maximum flexibility tailored to meet the needs of businesses with various options that best fits each client’s disaster recovery plans. 


Why CCSi’s Cloud Backup?

Automatic Backups

Schedule it and forget it! Backups are done automatically and continuously based on your defined schedule – which you can change any time.

Full AES 256 bit Encryption

Highly secure with various industry sector compliance (i.e HIPAA)


Data is held off site providing you recourse should any event disrupt your data at your place of business (i.e tornado, flooding/water damage, fire, etc).

Low Cost

No capital expense, month to month billing, cancel anytime without penalty. No need to buy separate servers, drives and software to perform the back up. 

Easy Access

Web-based management and user access. Easy file selection for backups and ease of restoring your data whenever you need it.


Can easily be scaled up or down to meet your business needs. Pricing is based on your storage needs.


File Versioning


File Compression


Accessible Anytime


Flexible Scheduling


Free Installation


Free Console


Easy Restoration


SQL Servers




24/7 Support


Cloud and Hybrid






Fully Automatic

Monthly Pricing. No contracts to sign! Pay only what you use.

250 GB
500 GB
1 TB (1000 GB)

The time to back up to the cloud is now!

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CCSi Communications provides voice, data, managed IT, and cloud solutions to both SMB and enterprise businesses across North America and the EU. We design custom solutions made for your unique business at a price that fits your budget. Headquartered in the Chicago, IL area since 1981, CCSi is your trusted partner. We take the time to understand your business and provide cost-effective solutions for your continued growth.