CCSi VoIP Privacy Statement

CCSi Communications is committed to protecting your privacy while providing you with the best possible experience of CCSi VoIP. This document is intended to help you understand the information we collect through CCSi VoIP, how we use it, and how long we retain the data. Additional information that may be collected in events not stated in this document may be provided in supplemental terms and conditions, privacy statements, or other notices prior to or at the time of any data collection.  

If you use CCSi VoIP in a business office or on a device with an account issued to you by your employer (or another company), then that company may have access to some of the data, and you will therefore need to refer to their policy for access, storage, retention, and deletion of data that may apply. Data you may think to be private to you or a small group of people may actually be accessible by your administrator or an account owner. Please check with your employer about concerns regarding its data policies. 


Information we collect 

CCSi Communications processes a variety of information for different reasons, some personally identifiable and others non-identifiable or aggregated. Examples include but at not limited to:  

  • Account informationName and contact details for the business or individual representing the business. 
  • Call Detail Records (CDR)A record of calls made over the CCSi VoIP network are retained on the phone system and stored for troubleshooting and legal purposes. This includes source DID, destination DID, and call duration. 
  • Conversations with CCSi Communications – Typically includes emails, service tickets, and calls* (*see below). 
  • Call recordingsThis feature is disabled by default. *Calls may be stored if clients enable the call recording feature and obtain consent. 
  • Payment data is not stored. 

How we use your information 

  • CCSi Communications uses your information to provide you with CCSi VoIP solutions and to improve through an understanding of how services are being used.  
  • Fraud prevention and possible investigations.   
  • To communicate with you. In order to help solve your problems and address your requests, we will need certain information.   
  • Email. Administrative emails regarding billing, changes in service, important notices, outages, and security or fraud-related notifications may not be given the option to opt-out. 

    Data Retention  

    Data retention periods are determined by reviewing the data that is necessary to fulfill our legitimate business purpose, contracts, legal obligations, and other regulatory obligations. We will delete or anonymize any personal information where we have no legitimate business need to process.  

    • Account informationAccount information is retained for as long as an account remains a customer. 
    • Call Detail Records (CDR)CDRs are retained for no longer than three years unless government agencies or governmental acts require a longer period. 
    • Conversations with CCSi CommunicationsEmails and tickets are retained for up to three years. 
    • Call recordings – This is disabled by default. Calls may be stored if clients enable the call recording feature and obtain consent. Such consent includes the requested retention period which may vary by client. Typically recorded calls are retained for a period of 90 days and then overwritten; however, this can be modified at the client’s request.
    • Voicemail retention: Retained in the system for one year if elected not to have voicemail forwarded to email. Voicemail to email can be deleted at your discretion. 

    Sharing and disclosures 

    There are times when user information may be shared by CCSi Communications with your consent. Some instances include complying with legal requests to protect CCSi Communications and its users or for security and technical issues. If law enforcement or other third-party requests information through a legal channel required by law, we will provide notification prior to disclosure where we are legally permitted to do so.  Examples:

    • Telephone number and user information shared for emergency services (i.e. 911, 112, 999).
    • Telephone number and user information shared between companies for validation in number porting.
    • Fixed line services and installation addresses. 


    CCSi Communications takes the necessary steps to protect the information you provide to us as a part of CCSi VoIP services. We take into account the sensitivity of the data we process and the state of technology as it evolves. When you enter personal information, we encrypt that information using SSL/TLS both in transmission and at rest. All employees are trained and qualified in IT security and data protection.

    EU disclaimer 

    If you are located in the EU, you may have additional rights as covered by GDPR to delete and access your personal information. You may request more information from CCSi regarding the personal data we hold about you and request a copy of that personal data at any time. You may object to the collection or use of your personal data for specific purposes. You can make a request at any time through our DSAR form. 


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