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A cloud-based solution that delivers consistent high quality customer experience .

To maintain excellent customer service, you need to support large call volume, connect callers to the appropriate agent, and resolve issues when they need you most. Call flow and wait times could be the difference between winning and losing customers. This is why our call center solutions are not a one-size-fits-all, but a custom solution for your unique business.

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Our expertise in telephony and data networks allows us to seamlessly integrate in a way that puts your customers first while optimizing your operations. We offer a range of services to SMB and large businesses across all industries:

  • Full management and implementation of call centers.
  • Assistance with your current call center software.
  • Turnkey solutions.
  • Research needs for a best-fit solution for your business.
  • Specific features.
  • And more!

Call center features to fit various needs:


Allows callers to interact with your telephone system via their keypads. Plays a recording that prompts callers with options to enter, returning the desired result to the customer

Call Queueing (ACD)

Useful when you have more callers than people available to answer calls. This places callers in a first in, first out line, where callers will hear music or advertising until someone answers.

Time Conditions

Choose how calls are routed during business hours, non-business hours, or custom times throughout the day

Broadcast/Outbound Dialing

CCSi VoIP supports a dialer solution that enables you to create broadcast campaigns. Upload database files and route to specific destinations for scheduled customized routing based on whether a person or voicemail picks up the call. (Not a predictive dialer)

Outbound Call Limiting

Prevents over-dialing. Add limits on a specific number during a certain time period.

Queue CallBack

Save callers time and frustration by giving them the option to hang up and have the queue hold their position in line. The system will automatically call them back when they are next in line. Add custom destinations for different types of calls.

Security Pin Control

Greater flexibility and deployment of security pin codes. Assign pin codes directly to extensions with granular control on which outbound routes can be dialed without pin codes.

Web CallBack

Place a call box on your website where visitors can leave their number and receive a call back from an agent.

Softphone and UC Client

Desktop integration, softphone, agent chat, click-to-call, and screen pop-up from CRM.

Hot Desking

Agents can log in/out from any phone and pull all of their features.

Call Recordings

CCSi VoIP supports call recording and provides reports to search CDRs with the call recording details. You can quickly review and playback the searched recordings to make sure you have the correct one. Downloading, archiving, deleting features included. 

Call Recording Reports

View, sort, listen to, archive, and download all recorded calls on your system.

Mobile Apps

Call recording and queue can both be managed through a mobile app. View call center metrics, such as: Callers, logged in agents, hold time, abandoned calls, log in/out, call recording and more. 

Queue Reporting

Build your own queue templates and collect advanced call center metrics, or choose from pre-build standard queue reports to run.

Call center recording

Call center recording in today’s environment is a necessity. Whether you’re managing a call center business, a public safety organization, financial services business, or in an industry with sensitive data and regulations – call recording is a must-have.

Voice recorders have multifaceted benefits:

  • Provide audit logs and metadata on voice conversations.
  • Remain compliant with existing regulations in many industries and sectors.
  • Provide high-quality service by ensuring agents are effectively trained – allows fast call searches when safety is a concern or when false claims arise.
  • Delivers personalized coaching and training using real-world examples to assess employee performance.
  • Allows for fast searches on individuals or groups of words.
  • Ability to silence portions of recording where sensitive data like credit card and identification numbers are spoken.
  • Reduces employee churn by keeping your agents engaged and motivated to improve their skills and morale.

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